Weekend Moments | Nº 3

it’s been a minute. July was a whirlwind month and I still feel like I’m in the aftermath. A few weeks ago, all the way back to July 4th weekend, my family and I took a trip out to Brown County State Park in Indiana. Being in the middle of no where, in Indiana no less, we didn’t know what to expect, but were so pleasantly surprised! It was rustic, that’s for sure, but isn’t that what camping is all about??


I put together a little video of our trip that I thought I’d share below.

Fourth of July Camping | Brown County State Park from Rachel Berzins on Vimeo.


And I can’t not share a few of the pictures as well! They’re too cute!

The bubbles were a HUGE hit!

I think we finally determined that Zoey and Taylor are first cousins, once removed.

And I’m just the lucky aunt/cousin to enjoy them both!



My current beauty faves

I’ve been on a makeup kick lately. I definitely go through spurts of wanting to wear no makeup ever and then getting up an hour early just to give myself enough time to really dedicate to putting it on. I’m somewhere in the middle of those two right now. But in this latest kick I’m…

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Weekend Moments | Nº 2

Two great weekends in a row?! Whattt? And I have a hunch that next weekend will be just as great also! (woo 4th of July and long weekends!) This past weekend was filled to the brim with loveliness. Minus the fact that I lost a pair of sunglasses this week and couldn’t find a replacement. sigh. I’m…

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spilling out my heart.

Pull up a chair friends. I’ve got a lot on my mind today.   I’m a big fan of reinvention. I do it almost everyday. I find inspiration in various things that I encounter and use that to change who I am for the day. I think that’s the fun of life. Why be the…

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Weekend Moments | Nº 1

  What a Sunday! I I crossed off 4 things on my “Chicago Bucket List” before 3pm today and I am so ecstatic! The morning started off with me being SEVERELY late to church, but still was able to hear the Willow Chicago worship team give me goosebumps as they do every week, so still…

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Memorial Day Finds

What a joy Memorial Day weekend was! In addition to spending it with friends and family all weekend long, it officially was warm enough to break out the shorts! And man oh man have I been dying to do that. If you follow me on Instagram (@rachelrosaliedesign) which of course you should and if you don’t…

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My Top 5 Hair Care Products + My Secrets to Long, Healthy Hair!

  Okay ladies, we’re chatting about hair care today because it needs to be talked about. Anyone that has ever been to my home knows that my shower corners are permanently full of different shampoos, conditioners, and masks that I’m trying. When people stay at my place I don’t even think they bring haircare with them because…

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Easter’s In Full Bloom

Spring is in the air folks and I am ecstatic! This past weekend was Easter, obviously, and it was the absolute perfect weather for the festivities. From surprising my best friend for her birthday on Friday night to celebrating Easter with my family and another best friend throughout the rest of the weekend, I didn’t…

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the little black top

    Alright folks, back again with a post that I’ve been meaning to get to for a month. Life’s busy ok? I will admit I hadn’t been shopping in a while. The thing with living in downtown Chicago is that the stores are all the brand name stores, which means their sales are barely…

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The Simple Guide to Managing Your Budget Like An Adult

Let’s get this out of the way: Money sucks. Talking about money sucks. Asking for money sucks. Making money is the only part that doesn’t suck. But then you have to pay money to get things, so ultimately it sucks. Glad we got that out there. Moving along, we all still have to deal with…

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Keeping it in the family.

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared about what I’ve been wearing recently and thought I should today! But I decided I needed to dedicate a whole post to these incredible coats that have recently come into my life. I’m lucky enough to have two grandmas that have a timeless sense of style. And also that…

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