The First Snowfall

I love breaks. Especially this past one. Somehow I stumbled into a job that 1. I love and 2. gives us the week between Christmas and New Years off, so I really hit the lottery.

So what’s a girl back in her hometown for 2 weeks to do? Other than get incredibly sick, lose your voice, and watch every movie on Amazon Prime. Grab your amazing photographer/coolest girl you know and go frolic in the freshly fallen snow! And that’s exactly what Emma and I did!

First off, these images are awe-inspiring and you should all hire her to do all of your professional photographs.

Secondly, it was maybe a high of 10º when we did this shoot and had to stop every 10 minutes to warm up in the car.

Thirdly, she may make you sit down in the middle of a snow covered street in only leggings fully realizing that a car could come at any minute, but it’ll be worth it because the picture will turn out.

Okay, enough of me! See more of Emma’s pictures here! and be sure to reach out to book your next shoot! Valentine’s Day gifts anyone??? 


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