the key to success.

can I post another Ted talk? because I want to. so I am. 
this next one was also at the Ted’s special on Education, but I just feel like there’s so much potential in that area, and I needed to share.

Angela Lee Duckworth left a demanding job in marketing to become a 7th grade math teacher and noticed the constant stress on a child’s IQ. But she quickly realized that IQ didn’t matter in virtually anything. The most successful CEOs don’t all have top ranking IQs and some of the poorest people in America might have the highest IQ scores. So how do the people at the top GET to the top if they don’t have high IQ scores?
and after searching for an answer, she found it: Grit.

I encourage you to watch this short film and put some grit into your morning.
it might just change your life.

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