our lives are overrun with social media.
every where we go there is something that links back to the ever changing internet. whether it is a QR code, a hashtag, a pin on Pinterest, or a check-in on Facebook. 
without even realizing it, our lives now revolve around social media. 
we’re constantly updating, tagging pictures, or posting things about what we’re doing in order to feel plugged in.

and I think that’s starting to become an incredible problem. 
our lives aren’t private anymore. we have hundreds of people following our every move (or however many things we post) and our relationships have changed from face to face interaction to snapchatting, tweeting to each other, or just texting. 

we’re forgetting how to communicate with people in person and that’s something we need to never forget. 
no matter it be positive conversation or maybe confronting an issue with someone. we’ve resorted to going about it in different ways rather than dealing with it head on.

and one of the biggest ways we do that is by subtweeting.

“subtweeting”, as defined by urban dictionary, is

Indirectly tweeting something about someone without mentioning their name. Even though their name is not mentioned, it is clear who the person tweeting is referring to.”

 and I”ll be the first to admit, I have done this before. and I’m not proud of it. 
it never ends well. feelings get hurt. arguments are started. and literally nothing good ever comes out of it. 

and after receiving some backlash over the years for things that I’ve said, I’ve drastically pulled back and taken a look at basically everything I tweet now. 

I ask myself 

what the point of every tweet is.
 if its going to make a positive impact on my followers day or not.
does that really matter enough that I need to tell everyone about it.

and I think it’s really helped both myself and the relationships in my life. 

sure we all make mistakes and slip up, but do I really want to look back at my tweets and just see me bashing people for things that I probably don’t understand correctly anyways? no.

a thought occurred to me last night as I was thinking about this.

subtweeting always has a negative connotation with it. and rightfully so, because almost every subtweet is saying something rude about another person. 

why aren’t there positive subtweets?

sure, people tweet some really nice things about others sometimes, but you know what always seems to happen? they tag the person in the tweet.
they want some sort of gratification for publicly announcing that this person is awesome. 

but whenever we have something negative to say about someone, we don’t want them to know so we don’t tag them in it. 

it just kind of blew my mind when I thought about it. 

I think we should start making positive subtweeting a thing. it’ll probably have a crazy impact on our moods and relationships with others.

you may agree with me, you may not, but at least just think about it. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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