October Favorites

can you believe it?! october is already gone! how insane is that? I still feel like last week was new years. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. and it has definitely been a great one! so let’s take a look back at october and see what I was loving!
1// my riding boots from Burlington! they’re not online, but check your local stores

2 // aubrey kinch, from The Kinch Life Blog, I have been OBSESSED with her lately! her style is so crisp and clean and I just can’t get over it. LOVE HER!

3 // my lilly agenda. I could not survive without this. no matter what agenda I have for the year, it is my most necessary item in my life. I write down everything in this thing. it keeps me sane.

4 // my live inspired journal. although the one that I have isn’t available anymore, I just love these things! she cute and functional! I jot down all my random thoughts for the day, to do lists, blog ideas, quotes I like, anything!

5 // lash stiletto mascara! oh my goodness, tried this on a whim a couple weeks ago, I love it so much. it defines my lashes and makes them SO LONG. its insane. love it.
6 // pinterest! I have been addicted to my pinterest lately. if you’re not following me, you should.

7 // katy perry’s new album, prism. loving all the songs on here! I just love Katy though. check it out.

8 // phi mu! this organization has seriously been the most amazing thing to happen to me. enough said.

9// my bow cuff from forever 21. so cheap and so cute! it’s in my regular arm candy stash and I absolutely adore it.

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