let them be sunsets.

I stumbled upon the most ingenius quote the other day and felt that I needed to share and expand on it.

we are constantly bamboozled with images of tall, skinny, muscular, beautifully altered images of men AND women in society today and constantly told to 

get skinner
look prettier
workout more
eat healthier
be tanner

and so many other things that it just gets so overwhelming that we end up in our bed, stuffing ourself with ice cream while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because we’ve accepted the fact that we’re not going to look like that.

but what if it wasn’t like that?

I want you to think of something.

have you ever noticed how boys look good without any makeup on and we, women, are still upset with the way we look after we apply pound after pound of makeup trying to cover ourselves up?

it’s because we are socialized to accept the faults in their skin.

we realize and understand that guys do not wear makeup. what they wake up looking like is what they’re gonna get. 

we look past their faults on their skin because we, as a society, have accepted them being there. 

why isn’t it that way with women? 

why is it that when we go without makeup for a day we are constantly bombarded with things like 

“are you okay?”
“you look really tired today?”
“is something wrong?”
“you look different today.”

we have finally taken down the barriers between ourselves and the rest of the world and immediately we regret it because they don’t accept us.

I think Helena Bonham Carter said it best:

“why do we put our self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?”

we don’t need to change the way we think about society, we need to change the way society thinks about us. 

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