friday (saturday) films || february 7

welp, turns out I forgot to post this one yesterday, but nevertheless here are my friday (now saturday) films!

with CVS unveiling that they’ll no longer be selling tobacco products (PRAISE JESUS!) I’m hoping that people will finally completely quit smoking. there’s literally so many anti-smoking ads, but this one I think really takes the cake. especially because it’s so honest. and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t scripted. just take a look.

you remember how I talked about the film Miss Representation? well, turns out they’re making one about guys! which I think is incredible, because that’s one of the complaints I had with the other film is because guys have a stigma attached to them as well, so I’m really excited to see what they have to offer in this one. It’s coming out this year, I’m not sure what date, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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