Fast Food Fatty

Today marks the first Friday of my now officially full-time job! And with that means that I just had my first 40 hour work week, and let me tell you, it is not something I am going to be doing with the rest of my life. Sitting in the same spot, looking at the same thing, doing the same thing over and over and overandoverandover again are not something that I am going to be doing the rest of my life, hence why I chose the dazzling career of Wedding Cinematography! But nevertheless, I do believe that everyone should have a 9-5 at some point in their life. It builds character, as they say. And it gives you a sense of responsibility and routine. That being said, there are some routines that you can fall into with a 9-5 that are not good routines.
Let me give you an example.
The first day of my job I had a half day and my mom thought she would celebrate with me by taking me out to eat.
The first problem.
Now, since I have an hour for lunch everyday, I don’t really have time to run home and make something, so stopping for fast food always seems to be the best option. So, almost everyday thereafter (well whenever I worked all day) I went to a fast food restaurant of my choice.
The second problem.
And, this hasn’t been good for my body. On top of the fact that I’m sick and fried grease isn’t what the doctor recommends for a sore throat and stuffy nose, but the fact that I can’t work it off because I’m just too exhausted and sick to make any part of my body want to do more than just lay in front of my computer when I get home, is terrible! It’s a horrendous cycle and I think I finally understand why so many Americans are overweight! According to numerous statistics, 68% of Americans today are overweight! Now, they’re not obese, but they still aren’t in the best shape that they could be in! But with an hour for lunch, sitting at a desk all day, and being drained from all the work they do, you have to have a lot of energy and motivation to workout and stay physically active in order to not gain any weight at all! It’s just a tough cycle.
So I need to find a solution.
And I have!
I need to take just a little bit of extra time out at night or in the morning and prepare a healthy lunch for the next day. It will help increase my energy, make me stay full longer, and save me some gas money!
So I’m going to take you through my journey the next few weeks as I try to not be such a Fast Food Fatty!
To preface, I’m a REALLY picky eater, so these food options will be good for your five year old all the way up to your 85 year old!
Let’s take a look at where I’m getting my ideas from!
I’m a HUGE wrap fan, so this is definitely the first one I’m going to try! With the bacon, ranch, and turkey I don’t know how you could go wrong! I’m so excited for this already! I’ll probably pair it with some pretzels, grapes, and maybe some Peanut Butter M&Ms for a little sweet treat at the end (they’re my absolute FAVE).

This one looks a little complicated, but I think I’m going to add my own spin to it. Panini’s are also a favorite of mine and basil in paninis always taste so good! Paired with some chips, cantaloupe, and a cookie this will make the perfect lunch! Just reheat and go!

This reminds me a lot of one of the meals on campus that they introduced at our “Pod” Store (Portable On Demand, like a convenience store). They were just Tomato, Basil, and Three Cheese Paninis and they were fabulous! I can’t remember what the three cheeses were, but I’m sure I can figure that out! They were simple and delectable!
Pinterest is a great resource to find great recipes for healthy lunches! Just don’t look when you’re hungry because it won’t help, I know- I’ve tried! I’ll keep you updated on how my food turns out and if it was office-friendly (meaning still tasted good when I actually eat it) and if I made any changes to the recipes!
Where do you get your healthy lunch ideas from?
Bon Appétit!

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