the past 2 weekends I have spent in Chicago and they were definitely much-needed!

the first weekend my roommate currently and my previous roommate and I had a mini girls weekend and we spent it downtown Chicago at the Intercontinental Hotel right on Michigan Ave and it was AH-MAZING. words cannot describe how beautiful it was and the service that we received there!

make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and check out my highlight video(:

this was the view from the 24th floor of our hotel.

and what’s a city album without a picture of your Starbucks breakfast?

I love the city so much. the hustle and bustle of constant movement, the clashing and intermixing of people’s stories and the countless possibilities that lie within those city blocks just give me a great sense of optimism that I can’t wait to experience daily once I can move to a bigger city. 


this past weekend my best friends from home and I went outside of Chicago to the city of Wheaton to visit a few friends at a college there. 

and in the effort of killing time we had ourselves a little photo shoot(:

and check out the highlight video from the first weekend!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the fall weather as much as I have been! 
until next time-

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