bon voyage!

well as you all know, my trip to California is coming up quickly! and by quickly, I mean 

and so, with that in mind, I’ve put together some posts about some traveling essentials that are coming with me!

the outfit// pixie pants  striped shirt  cardigan  cashmere scarf/wrap
layers. layers. layers. you never know what the temperature is going to be like on the airplane. most of the time it is quite chilly, but sometimes it just is ridiculously hot (mostly depending on the time of year you travel) and so you must be prepared for both! you want to have comfortable clothes on, but you don’t want to look unpresentable, so leggings or pixie pants are a great way to look put together, but still feel like you’re in your pjs! I absolutely LOVE my pixie pants that I found at TJMaxx, I LIVE in them in the winter. on top you want to have a simple shirt with a cardigan and maybe even a heavier trench coat, depending on your destination. finally, a scarf. heat leaves your body in 2 places: your feet and the back of your neck. so if you want to stay warm, keep those 2 places covered. a scarf can double as a small blanket and make your flight much more enjoyable. 

the shoes// shoes
you definitely want comfort here! you might have to run across the airport to catch a connecting flight or you just might have to stand in line for a while, regardless you want your feet to be comfortable. so opt for some comfy flats or wedges to give your outfit that extra splash of style.

the accessories// sunnies  watch  tumbler  tote
the bare essentials are an oversized tote (more on what is inside of that tote later!), a watch for when you have to turn off your phone, a pair of sunnies, and an empty tumbler so you can fill it with water on the other side of security! throw in a crystal light on the go pack and you can make it into your favorite flavored drink too!

what are your favorite travel outfits?
where are your favorite places to go?
let me know below!

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