5 Rules About Fashion Everyone Still Thinks Are True

WAKE UP AMERICA. Just kidding, you can stay in your bed and read this, I’m probably still in mine. It’s cozy, I understand. But let’s get down to business. We have some things to discuss because it is time to move forward into the 21st century and I need to get this off of my chest. Today I am enlightening your life about the 5 fashion rules that you think are still true, AND THEY’RE NOT. Wow, that was harsh, I apologize, but this is a loaded topic for me. I will do better.



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1. No White After Labor Day or Before Memorial Day

Who even came up with this idea in the first place? Not a fan of them. White can be worn year round. Haven’t you heard of “Winter Whites?” Pair some white pants with a black top and some sequined loafers and you’ve got some serious winter glam going on and will be turning heads down the sidewalk. You go girl.

2. Blue and Black are Fashion Suicide

I can at least understand why everyone thinks this a rule. Dark navy can sometimes be so dark that you think its black. And then under closer observation you realize that what you thought was an all black outfit is just a result of your poorly lit apartment. It happens, and now you don’t need to worry so much! Navy and black is ultra chic and looks super polished and modern, so rock your mistake and tell everyone its on purpose.

3. No mixing prints.

This can be a difficult rule to break in the beginning. But once you start, I promise you, you’ll be mixing and matching all over the place. My favorite combo? Leopard print and stripes. Preferably black and white, but I’m biased towards my neutrals. The trick is to mix prints that have different base shapes. Like florals and stripes. Or polka dots and plaid. Its all about the variation.

4. Sequins and Metallics should be for NYE or birthdays only.

I attribute this rule with the sayings “Eat cake for breakfast,” “Treat Yo Self,” and “Celebrate the Ordinary” because that’s essentially what you are doing! Quit saving those extraordinary outfits for special occasions. Make Tuesday a special occasion! Bust out your sequined romper for the annual business meeting on Thursday, wear your silver metallic pants to the football game Friday night, YOU WORK THAT OUTFIT GIRL.

5. Gold and Silver together are a no-no. 

Mixing metals is a relatively new thing compared to the other rules in this list and I am so happy it is. Because I love both gold and silver and some days I just want to wear both! Pairing silver and gold bracelets is a great way to ease yourself into this one.

BONUS RULE TO BREAK: Wear what society thinks is correct.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE TO BREAK OF THEM ALL. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what makes you happy. That’s the whole point of fashion! Use it as a platform to express yourself and your personality. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.


What are some other fashion rules you love to break?! Let me know down below!


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