Weekend Plans

oh thank heavens it is Friday! and that meanssssss it’s my last day working full time!
I’m a little sad that it is my last day for a few reasons. 1. Being I don’t get a paycheck every week anymore. 2. I feel much more productive at work than I do at home. 3. It means the summer is starting to come to a close. 4. I’m going to miss some of these people!
But for obvious reasons I am excited my time here is over, most importantly being that I can work on my tan 7 days a week! Hahaha and I am going somewhere every single weekend for the rest of summer!
To start off, this weekend I’ll be traveling to Cleveland with my friends for a little getaway and I am so excited for it!
It will definitely be a relaxing weekend. We plan on doing a little exploring, but mostly lounging by the pool and you do not understand how much I look forward to that. We’re also thinking about stopping by the Toledo Zoo on our way home and satisfying our inner children! Regardless of what we do I’m excited to spend the weekend with my best friends and going on #Friendcation2k14!

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