UPDATE: 101 Things in 1001 Days

As some of you may have been aware, on October 25, 2013 I made a list of 101 things I wanted to do in 1001 days! And so, with it being 6 months later, I thought I would share how that list is coming along!

if they’re crossed off, I accomplished them.
if they’re bolded, they’re in progress.
if they’re normal, I haven’t started them yet. 

101 in 1001: July 22, 2016

1. come up with 101 things
2. inspire someone else to come up with their 101 in 1001 list Juliana (Oct 2013) (let me know!)
3. visit a city I’ve never been to Jones, Michigan (Oct 2013)
4. film a second wedding Kelsey & Dale Jan 25, 2013
5. throw a dinner soirée
6. buy an iPad
7. take a cooking lesson
 8. get a job in grand rapids
9. complete 5 crafts found on pinterest
10. cook a full course meal for my family or roommates
11. go to a GV basketball game
12. read 10 new books
13. finish the european vacation movie
14. find the perfect white dress
15. sell all my unused electronics
16. throw a surprise party for a friend
17. grow my hair to my ribs
18. try 5 new foods
19. go sky diving
20. participate in a flash mob
21. go to an exercise class
22. run the color run
23. complete 10 random acts of kindness
24. learn how to make all my oma’s classic christmas cookies
25. give a gift I am proud of to each of my family members at christmas
26. eat no fried foods for an entire week
27. drink no pop for a month
28. take a zumba class
29. see a movie at a drive in
30. don’t eat fast food for one month
31. go skinny dipping
32. go apple picking
33. go to new york city
34. study abroad
35. set a budget
36. send someone flowers
37. write a letter to myself for my 24th birthday
38. fly first class
39. go to a pottery shop and make something
40. paint a canvas and hang it up in my room
41. knit a scarf
42. pay off my car
43. go on a picnic
44. go ice skating
45. go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday
46. visit the Mall of America
47. meet with my college advisor
48. go to a counseling session
49. try to donate blood
50. finish lotions before buying any new ones
51. same with notebooks
52. go to 3 states that I’ve never been to
53. pay for the person behind me in the drive-through or gas station or restaurant
54. buy something for someone just randomly
55. make a new friend
56. learn and memorize a new song on the piano
57. do not buy anything for myself for one month
58. tip someone 100% of my bill
59. hit 10000 views on my blog
60. go wine tasting (after I turn 21)
61. work out every day for 2 weeks straight
62. buy a domain name for sunshine studios
63. work on a habitat for humanity house
64. compete in another pageant
65. meet or see a celebrity in person
66. go to a fashion show
67. learn how to change a tire
68. go a whole week without twitter
69. go a week without any form of social media (unless its school related)
70. live in the sorority house
71. get on the dean’s list
72. learn to drive stick shift
73. learn how to make my mom’s homemade jam
74. try 10 new restaurants
75. take business classes over the summer
76. get my makeup professionally done
77. finish watching all of sex and the city
78. talk to someone i don’t know on the phone
79. buy a lottery ticket
80. make my own font
81. organize all my pins on pinterest
82. memorize 15 verses in the bible
83. go to passion international or something of the equivalent
84. go mudding
85. learn how to play euchre
86. attend a taping of a tv show
87. take a self defense class
88. try a macaron
89. do p90x for a week
90. take a photography class
91. take a wedding cinematography class
92. host or attend a gatsby party
93. watch a sunrise with someone i love
94. go to a professional football game
95. learn to shoot a gun
96. get blog business cards
97. attend a film festival
98. go to a cirque du soleil show
99. watch all the movies on my “to-watch” list as of today
100. pull an all-nighter
101.fall in love with something or someone new

24/101 woohoo!

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