the secret life of monogramming.

I think I’ve found my new obsession. 
and I’m not talking about monogramming, that was already established. 

As I was parading through The College Prepster‘s blog yet again, I came across this post about J. Crew’s Etta Pumps and stumbled upon the J. Crew Youtube Page. I instantly fell in love. 
Their style, the music, the font, the cinematography, UGH EVERYTHING ABOUT IT- LOVE. 

okay enough fan-girling. 

but while I was oogling at their videos, I came across this amazing video about the 
it’s just so interesting their take on monograms and the things they mean to them. 
I never thought of using my monogram as something other than my initials. kind of like an inside joke with yourself. 

I think that’s great. I may have to try that on my next bulk order of monograms. (:

until then, I’ll just spend my time on the J. Crew Youtube page trying to figure out how they will hire me for their next video.

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