The House I Dream Of || Living Room

it’s that time again, to share some ideas of what I want in my dream house!

and today, it’s living rooms!
let’s get right into it!

I love these dropped seating arrangements. such an interesting architectural aspect to a house and I feel like it makes it that much more cozy. you could fill up the whole circle (if there wasn’t a fireplace) with pillows and blankets and watch movies and it’d be like heaven on earth.

my house will definitely have an open floor plan. and this living room is definitely open! I love the idea of a balcony overlooking something inside the house rather than just an outdoor balcony (although I want those too(; ) But that stone on the fireplace?!?! ADORE. and with a two story christmas tree next to it in the winter? it will look absolutely heavenly. 

well this space definitely doesn’t have the openness of the other living rooms, but the color scheme and decor of this living room is really great, and all the windows! 

I adore everything about this space. the colors, the curtains (!), the rug, the fur on the bench! AHHH! I could definitely see this happening in an apartment of mine before I settle down in a house.

I definitely get the “just got back from skiing all day and want to curl up by the fire with some hot cocoa and a good book” vibe from this space and I’m 100% okay with it. It’s got incredible brown hues in it, although maybe too much for me, but the floor plan is incredibly unique and I might be able to take some pointers from this space and apply it to my own house.


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