The House I Dream Of || Kitchen Mania

It’s time for the next post of The House I Dream Of! And today it’s all about kitchens! Probably one of the most important rooms in the house!

I absolutely LOVE this accent striped wall! Especially with the blue and green accent colors. it’s not too much and makes it look so modern and chic!

I for sure will have a speaker system hooked up throughout my house so when I’m home alone, or not, I can jam out to my favorite tunes. hahaha I can just picture it now, someone walks into my house and I’m just belting out Celine Dion or something. hahaha I can’t wait.

LOVE this kitchen! The exposed brick especially! And that oven is incredible too.

This idea to have an underground shelter area under the kitchen island is such a great idea! Or it could just be another way to get to the basement or a wine cellar! either way, I’m FOR SURE having has many secret passageways as possible in my house. 

okay this is incredible. I have never seen a house set up this way before, like how awesome is this?!!? and then a little breakfast nook underneath the balcony?! love it.

This gray kitchen is beautiful! The lighting is superb and the gray and white color scheme is just awesome! 

This is the ultra modern kitchen! It may be too brown for me, but the layout of it is really great!
The secret pantry is TOTALLY happening in my house. And especially a walk-in one?! YES PLEASE. 

and to end this post, I thought I would share with you my ultimate dream kitchen. I love everything about this, absolutely everything. the layout, the colors. ughhhhhh I WANT THIS. hahaha okay that is everything! 


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