The House I Dream of || Closet Overload

Over the past couple days I have really been on a “I want to decorate my dream house” kick resulting in a lot of pinteresting for what I want my future house to look like.

and so, I thought I would make a little series about what things I absolutely NEED in my house, or some inspiration that I just think is fabulous.

I’m going to start with the closets, because those are the most important to me. hahaha

this shoe closet is literally to die for. I definitely think that if you’re going to have that many shoes, you need to be able to see them all so you don’t forget what you have.

I definitely need an island in my closet. that will store maybe jewelry, pajamas, undergarments, slippers, sweatshirts, etc. the comfy things that don’t need to be hung up. it also can double as decoration and or setting out things that I want to wear the next day.

I had never seen a washer and dryer in a closet before and it is such a great idea! Although I’m not sure it would match my design scheme in my closet, but it’s definitely something to think about! but if the washer bubbles over or something, everything would get wet… hmmm…

this is another one of my favorite closets.  I love the floor to ceiling thing going on because you utilize all the space and in my closet nothing can go to waste. I also love (what I’m assuming to be) the jewelry drawers on the left with the countertop on top. It just looks so organized!

I thought this was an ingenius idea! Putting a jewelry organizer on the back of a full length mirror! I think this might have to be included in my closet as well!

And I certainly can’t talk about closets without this one, that I think was one of the first closets to start my closet obsession. With the aisles of clothes, couches and stools, shelves and end hanging spots, I literally couldn’t imagine a better closet. this is the creme de la creme of fashion organization. If I marry rich enough, you KNOW this is happening.

and to wrap this post about dream closets up, can I even talk about closets without mentioning the closet that started it all? Carrie Bradshaw’s famous closet in Sex and the City. literally the best thing ever. 

what do your dream closets look like? what’s something you have to have in them? let me know int he comments below!

happy dreaming!


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