The House I Dream Of || Bathroom

hello lovelies!

today’s post is all about bathrooms! 

now, some might think this is a grotesque area, but when done right, it can be one of the nicest places in a home. 
I know that I subconsciously judge houses by their bathrooms. I’m sorry, but I do.

so once I get my own house, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be a place christened with glamour and serenity. 
take a look at some of my favorite bathrooms and ideas!

LOVE this chandelier in the bathroom. so unexpected, but adds such character to it! especially with the grey and white color scheme!

I came across this several years ago and it’s just one of the things that has stuck in my mind. this probably will go on my shower before I even paint the walls, that’s how excited I am to have this. hahaha

this is such a neat idea, witht he shower behind the sink. I’ve never thought to do something like this before. It seems to be a trend to not have doors on showers nowadays, but when I think about the practical aspects of that I’m still unsure how it works out. anyone have an open shower or had experience with it? good or bad reviews?

LOVE the pop of color on the ceiling in this bathroom! so unexpected! and with that chandelier as well, it adds another level of glamour to this place!

okay I’ve seriously never seen so many chandeliers in bathrooms before doing this post. is this like a thing now? cause I definitely want it to be a thing. but regardless, love this shower setup! I’m a big fan of having seating in a shower, because sometimes you just need to sit down! (I’m sick the majority of my life too so I can’t stand for long periods of time when I’m sick) but I love how big it is too!

love the sharp contrast between the gray walls and the black cabinets! it’s ultra modern and super chic! reminds me slightly of mine back at my parent’s house.

whoever thought of this is a genius. I can just see it now, soaking in a bubble bath, looking at the stars in my ceiling with candles burning and orchestral music playing in the background. 

this is a great idea too! putting the bathtub almost inside the shower. that way if your kids splash, it doesn’t matter because it’ll just drain right into the shower! and after a bubble bath you can just rinse off in the shower! perfect!

well I definitely have enough products to fill this up! and it looks like I’m in a beauty salon as well! such a nifty-but super practical idea!

okay this is heaven. that huge tub and then this massive shower?!!?! ughhhhh LOVE. like you really can’t get better than this.

okay maybe you can get better than the last one, by putting a fireplace next to the tub. 

this makes me want to go soak in a bubble bath! and then redecorate my bathroom! too bad I literally can’t do anything to it. ): #DormProblems 

oh well, it just gives me time to perfect my ideas!


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