the fight to be right.

have you ever noticed how much humans desire to be right? no matter what the situation is? regardless of if it is something good or something bad. 
granted, we are all a little competition in some way, I mean, who really wants to be wrong?

but has the desire to be right all the time become too much?

think of it this way:
where do you think the phrase “I told you so” is from?

let’s compare a good and a bad situation.
person 1: “I’m so nervous for this test!”
person 2: “You’ll do fine! I saw you studying all week long!”
*time passes*
person 1: “I got 100% on the test!”
person 2: “See?! I told you so!”

person 1: “I really like this guy, so I’m not going to believe the lies that people are saying about him”
person 2: “Okay….you do what you want. I still don’t think you should trust him.”
*time passes*
person 1: “He dumped me! Out of the blue! I’m never dating anyone again!”
person 2: “I’m sorry, but I told you so.”

people who feel the need to defend their “rightness” are constantly thinking of other’s shortcomings and constantly perceive that others are attacking them, trying to prove them wrong. 
sometimes things get so out of hand that they start to fear what will happen if they are wrong and let it consume them.
it’s okay to be wrong. that’s how you learn. 
don’t be afraid of it. let it teach you.

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