Strawberry Lemonade Flavored Water Recipe

so over the weekend I stopped in at Wendy’s with a friend and she recommended the Strawberry Lemonade, and so I tried it. oh. my. goodness. I have never tasted anything better than that. I’m quite sure they use real strawberries because the pores of the strawberries are visible at the bottom of your cup. and also, the medium is the size of a large drink at mcdonalds, so you get a BANG for your $2.46 or something. great deal. 

but I thought to myself, I make lemonade all the time, why can’t I just make some at home? and so, off I went to pick up strawberries and lemons at my grocery store. 

now, all the recipes I have looked at are for pitchers of lemonade and I didn’t need that, so here’s a recipe for a single serving of strawberry lemonade flavored water. now, I am going to say that this recipe does not taste exactly like the wendy’s strawberry lemonade, possibly if you just mixed in strawberries with a lemonade mix it would taste more like it, but I thought that the overall flavor of this was much better than just plain water!

you need:

t h r e e strawberries (small to medium size)
t w o lemon slices (or lemon juice)
t w o   t a b l e s p o o n s   sugar

1. cut strawberries into slices and place in glass of water
2. cut lemon slices and squeeze into water
3. pour in sugar to personal preference
4. mix together and e n j o y!

this drink is perfect for spring break and summer coming up! make a pitcher and take it to the beach or pool and it’s the perfect thirst quencher!

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