Sorority Recruitment 2014!

Well, as you probably know by now, my school’s sorority recruitment was last weekend! And I’m still recovering from it! Everyone and their mother got sick from it, (except me because I was sick the week before!!) and so a lot of our sisters are still down for the count, but it was worth it for the girls that we got! I just wanted to share with you guys our different clothes that we wore for each of the rounds!
The first round, Info Round all the sororities wore the same design of shirt just in different colors and obviously with your own letters on them! We paired them with white shorts and black sandals!

For Round 2: Philanthropy Round, we all ordered monogramed button downs with our personal monogram on the front pocket and Phi Mu on the right sleeve! We paired them with dark jeans and tan wedges!

For Round 3: House Tours, we ordered pink and yellow dresses that we paired with statement necklaces and tan wedges!

And for the final round, preference, just a black dress and black heels!
Our Bid Day theme this year was Under the Sea and the tshirts were SO CUTE! They say “Quite the Catch” on the back! 
To stay up to date on what we’re doing in my sorority follow our tumblr here

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