some new years inspiration!

in honor of the new year I thought I’d share some inspiration to get the year started off right!

it’s just so exciting to know that we get to start fresh again
I need to constantly remind myself of this. great things take lots of hard work and dedication, if I want it to pay off I’ve got to work hard. 

this is my personal motto for this year. just come out of no where and shock them all.

this just stuck with me. I honk we’re constantly settling for things because were comfortable with them. I hereby promise to not be comfortable if I’m not happy.

mhmm. you can’t move forward if something is holding you back.

I basically live this out on a daily basis. I never know what I’m doing, but I sure do look like I do. 

if you love what you’re wearing, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.

if you don’t make those wild dreams, you’ll never accomplish them.

this is just so great. 

recently learned this in an incredibly tough way. but it’s true. relationships are a two way street and if you both aren’t all in, it will never work.

I constantly remind myself of this just to stay sane. 

and finally: you never know unless you try. you might just end up surprising yourself!


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