Save & splurge: riding boots

hello lovelies!
as riding boot season is QUICKLY coming upon us I thought it’d be a great time to show you how to save a little a LOT when it comes to these babies.

last season, I had purchased some boots from Charlotte Russe and I was IN LOVE with them! I would wear them all the time, except when it was literally a blizzard outside and in that case I would wear my trusty Uggs. 
and so, naturally, they wore out. and being from Charlotte Russe, that time was cut in half. And so when I pulled them out of storage about a month ago, I wasn’t really surprised to remember that I had wore out the soles of them. and I mean WORE OUT. I put duck tape on them (zebra was all I had, okay?!) and tried to salvage them until I could find another pair I liked. And so, whenever I would get caught in the rain, my feet would be soaked and it was not fun.

so daily, I would go out in search of the perfect, cheap, but reliable riding boot. and because I had a specific design in mind, it was quite hard. 


I ran into Burlington Coat Factory and found the PERFECT BOOTS. FOR $30 NEVERTHELESS. 
They’re not online, probably because they’re not at all the stores, but here’s a picture of my pair! I’m in LOVE with them and it’s so nice to have dry feet again!

so when you’re trying to find the perfect pair this season, I hope this helps you out!

happy shopping!

Save & splurge: riding boots

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