Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to motivational speaker Dr. D.F. Arnold speak to the Greek organizations on our campus. His witty personality and heart-warming story captured my attention and the rest of the students in the room and just had to share one of the things that stuck with me from this presentation.

He showed us this video from The Foundation for a Better Life

It’s such a simple message, but it really can be applied to anything in your life. 

As we grow older, we get more and more set in our way of thinking and living. If we can’t accomplish something, we quit and give up altogether. 

We need to have the mindset of this little boy. He discovers that he is not the greatest at hitting, but looks at it the other way around. 

How often are we so close-minded that we wouldn’t even think to look at a situation this way and just accept defeat?

Think about this as you’re going through your day today and always remember 

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

― John Lubbock

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