My Hair Journey to Lusciousness//Week 1

Summer is the time for three things:
tanned skin, sandy beds, and long hair.

maybe it’s not an essential thing, but I think I can truly say that everyone- at some point- craves those beachy-unkept-but-totally-gorgeous, luscious locks of goodness. and by that I mean long hair.

And apparently for me, that has always been a struggle. I don’t think my hair length has ever been longer than my bra straps or I just cut it before it gets to that length. Regardless, I’M NOT HOLDING BACK ANYMORE.

Today (well technically last week) I begin my


This journey involves quite a few key rules.
        1//No Heat (unless absolutely necessary) 
            -can use blowdryer on cool setting
        2//Wash hair every other day 
        3//Use a deep conditioner or hair mask every wash
        4//Use scrunchies instead of hair ties that cause breakage
        5//Use a strengthening oil on ends every night
        6//Take 5mg of Biotin(Skin, Hair, Nails vitamin) daily
        7//Cut back on over-processed, deep-fried, unhealthy foods as much as possible
        8//Sleep on a satin pillowcase, so it doesn’t damage my hair as I sleep
Here are some of the products that will be making the journey with me:
                        // Pureology Hydrate Shampoo
Strengthening Oil//Matrix Exquisite Oil
Satin Pillowcase//Satin Pillowcase
So with those products I have completed my first week of hair care.
Here’s my starting picture, now my hair wasn’t entirely straight, I had kind of a wave going on which is unnatural, but nevertheless! 
My ends are barely 12 inches from the bottom of my neck. and by looking at the picture, my hair literally looks like it’s dying and frayed and coarse. and it basically is. haha, except for coarse, it’s the thinnest hair you’ll ever see. but it just means I have no where to go but up! (or down, because I want it to grow longer, haha get it? (;) 
so let’s start this journey together and let me know how it works for you!

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