molly jacques calligraphy class

recently I’ve been loving the work of calligraphers’ such as Molly Jacques. her work is phenomenal. and it caused me to want to try it. and so, Skillshare was having a President’s Day sale and I had a $10 referral discount, and Molly has a class on there, so for $5 I enrolled in this INCREDIBLE class. 

let me tell you, it was money well spent. I ordered the pen and nibs and ink before I ordered the class to see if I really needed to take it and nothing turned out right. it almost made me a little disappointed. but I decided that I needed to take the class. I mean, it was only $5. and so, I did. and oh my word my life has changed. okay maybe not that drastically, but I feel so more in touch with my artistic side. haha. she taught me the basics of calligraphy and offered templates and techniques that I could not have learned on my own. 

I highly recommend taking this class if you’re thinking about starting calligraphy or even if you haven’t thought about it, you should! 

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