Making Your Planner Work For You

As I’m sure you’re all aware of by now, I’m slightly obsessed with planners. But what I think the coolest part about planners is how everyone uses them differently and puts their own spin on them! So today I’m going to take you inside my planner and show you how I organize it!
Let’s get started!

First off, I’m using The Collegiate Daybook (surprise, eh?!) for my planner! Click here if you want to get your own! Ok, so I use a massive binder clip that goes directly to the month we’re in so that I can easily flip to that page if I’m in a hurry. You would not believe how useful it is, and so simple to do!

I also put a paper clip from the month to the day page that it is so that I’m not flipping through unnecessary pages.

I’m a firm believer in color coding. It’s so much easier to see at a glance what you have going on. My color coding system is this:
Pink: Phi Mu (Sorority) Events
Blue: School Events (Tests, Homework, Field Trips, etc)
Gold: Special Events & Traveling

 Something that I just added to my Daybook that I’m SO excited about were these tabs I made on my Silhouette! It was super easy to do and just required sticker cardstock. I can’t tell you how helpful these have been. Rather than just flipping randomly through your planner you can go directly to the month you’r looking for!

 Okay, let’s get into the daily pages. I know that this is where most planners have the most differences, but regardless here’s my setup! On the “My Day” section I stick with the same color coding theme so that again I can know what is going on that day. In the assignments section, that’s a different story. I normally think of all the things I have to do throughout the day so the color coding system doesn’t always work for me here, but I don’t think that it’s too necessary. (And it looks quite pretty the more colors anyways, so I try to mix it up haha).

So that’s all she wrote!
Let me know your tips for organizing your planner! I love finding out how other people stay organized!

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