long + strong: hair care tips

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I think by now almost everyone knows that washing your hair everyday isn’t good for it, but this is crucial and I just want to reinforce it. over washing it, can be incredibly damaging because you’re stripping your hair of nutrients that it needs.

this brush has changed my life. regardless of how much conditioner I used, my hair was always snarly when I tried to brush it out. this brush is so easy on the hair it’s incredible. it doesn’t pull your hair out, it doesn’t get stuck in it, it somehow just glides effortlessly through your hair, taming the wild beast that it is.

especially in the winter, making sure your hair is properly moisturized is a must. by doing a hair mask at least once a week, your hair will get the nourishment it needs and will feel silky smooth!

this one, not too many people know about, but it does make a difference. by sleeping on a silk pillowcase rarer than a traditional cotton one, it is a better surface for your hair to lay on at night. it doesn’t get caught in the threads of anything and allows the hair to move more freely.

I know that some people say that in order to grow your hair you need to stop getting a trim, but I’m here to tell you that you need to get one, and here’s why: if you’re not trimming your hair, the ends of your hair are going to eventually start becoming split ends and if you don’t snip off those split ends, you will get split ends ON your split ends and so on and on until half of your hair is just split ends. do yes, maybe your hair is down to your waist, but it looks thin and frail and lifeless. you want healthy, long hair don’t you?!

vitamins are also a key aspect to growing your hair. what you out inside of your body is as important as what you put on your body. biotin is often used for a prenatal vitamin, but it is a vitamin especially better for healthier skin, hair, and nails. you can find this at any local supermarket or vitamin store.

this one can be hard at times, because we always want to look our best and normally that involves heating tools. in the period whee you are growing your hair out, it is best if you cut out or at least limit your heating tools on your hair, and when you do use heat, use a heat protectant spray. you can use alternative methods of curling hair, like Velcro rollers overnight or sock bun curls, or braiding it, be creative!

I’m trying to bring scrunchies back. they’re so much better for your hair! ponytail holders are harsh and leave marks and can pull out hair so easily scrunchies are made out of fabric and are gentle on the hair, whenever I’m at home just lounging around and my hair is up, I always use a scrunchie. 

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