let’s take another look at Barbie.

I was perusing through the internet last night and came across this incredible quote about the recent controversy with Barbie and her lack of being real life and had to share with you guys, because it really opened my eyes and I didn’t want to leave you all in the dark. 

“We’ve all heard it before. Barbie is not an ideal representation of the average woman. Her body is beyond unrealistic, but there’s a reason dolls are dolls and people are people. Sure, representation is great and it would be nice to see more of a variety in body types. However, isn’t it kind of funny that we are evaluating Barbie based on her body? Her feminity? Isn’t that exactly what we are against? Sure, she’s an iconic image. but aren’t we missing the point? 
It’s not about her body.

Her slogan is “Be who you wanna be.” That’s right. Barbie has been taking male-dominant jobs way before women ever did. Or have yet to. Has there been a woman us president? No. Is there a president Barbie? oh yes. “Career Girl Barbie” was launched right after the Women’s rights movement in 1963. “Astronaut Barbie” came out 10 years before Sally Ride became the first woman astronaut from the US. “Surgeon Barbie” came out when only 10% of doctors were female. Barbie has served in the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines since 1989. There’s a “Nascar Barbie”, and only 16 women have competed as Nascar drivers.

Yes, little girls, you can be anything you want to be. 
And you can even wear designer shoes while you do it.”
I’m absolutely in love with this. And it’s completely true. 
We idealize these toys that are simply that–TOYS! Why aren’t we striving to look like those Bratz dolls with the big heads or the trolls that have the strangest hair and weird lines on their faces?
We’re focusing too much on the outer appearance of these dolls rather that the true point of the product. 1. they’re just children’s play toys and 2. to let the children dream to be whatever they want to be. 

let the children dream.

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