kiss on the lips.

valentine’s day is coming up! and normally I would be locking all doors, closing all social media, and eating all things chocolate while watching an action movie just to get my mind off of it, this year, I don’t feel so bitter towards valentine’s day. and I’m not so sure why. 

traditionally, my friends and I put together an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, but I don’t think that circumstances will allow me to go back home for that weekend, and so I’ll be spending it up at school! we’ll see what that brings!

but in lieu of valentine’s day, I’m going to be busting out all my lip products! I absolutely love lipstick, but it seems that whenever I wear it at school people freak out (normally because they are still in their pajamas and I’m wearing a blazer, collared shirt, and lipstick) but WHO CARES! valentine’s day is all about the red & pink and I am going to embrace it fully!

so I pulled out some of mine and made a cute little print that’s super easy to recreate! just swipe on the lipstick, pucker up, and you’ve got it! it’s a perfect addition to any seasonal picture frame!

stay cozy & stay fierce!

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