If You Find This Blog Post, It’s For You

This morning in my daily peruse of the Instagram explore page (my new favorite thing to do in the morning) I stumbled upon Hannah Brencher @hannahbrencher, founder of More Love Letters and co-founder of If You Find This Email 

Both of these organizations are phenomenal in their own regard. 

More Love Letters’s goal is to make love famous. They facilitate the sending of “love letters” to strangers across the globe that just need some extra loving. They have a list of a few people and their stories on the blog and an address that anyone can send love letters to before the deadline! Once the deadline has passed, a next grouping of people who need some love appears! You can read about how it all started in Hannah’s book, If You Find This Letter, which will most definitely be on my summer reading list. 

The concept behind If You Find This Email is similar, but in a reverse way. You can send in your emails, anonymously to the website to share whatever is on your mind. I spent hours going through this website, reading over the heart-wrenching, emotional, and raw stories people were sharing and knew that if I instantly loved it, I needed to share it with others. The image above is from one of my favorites on the site. Be sure to head over to their website!

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