humans of new york.

yesterady I was going through my blogs that I read daily and came across this post from one of my FAVORITE bloggers of all time The College Prepster (she’s so witty and smart and I could just go on and on about her forever, but I’ll save that for another time) and came across this incredible post about The Humans of New York. 

I had seen these pictures before on different social media sites, but didn’t know they were all done by one man. The shots themselves are incredible and the short stories about the subjects in them just enhances the pictures so much. 

it always blows my mind how many stories each person has hidden within them, and the willingness they have to share their stories with strangers, sometimes over their best friends. it makes me even more excited for my life to move forward so that I can move to an even bigger city than I am in now. 

take a look at this short video showcasing Brandon, the man behind the camera, and his story about hearing other’s stories. it’s truly heartwarming.

humans of new york.

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