how I organize my agenda

As finals are quickly approaching, the amount of stress, homework, and projects are quickly going to increase exponentially and chaos is about to ensue. And so, in order to contradict that from happening, I keep a VERY detailed agenda in order to keep my sanity.

so I thought I would share how I organize my agenda with you guys!
To start off, I have the Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in Let’s Cha Cha Print. And it’s my LIFESAVER. I write everything down: meetings, homework, projects, events.    I wouldn’t know what I was doing without it.

 the monthly view comes first and I write all of my big events here, which is basically everything. If I have projects due, events, appointments, meetings, etc. And each item is color coordinated:

blue: school related
red: tests or exams
purple: appointment or meeting
green: phi mu related

and then as each day passes, I cross it off so when I flip open to it, I know exactly what day it is. 

I also have two binder clips. One goes straight to the monthly view from the front of the agenda. and then the second goes from the monthly view straight to what week it is.

  this is the weekly view. I write down each class and what is due (if anything) and then what homework I have in it after the class. I try to stay consistent with the colors here as well. I also put down smaller meetings here with more specific details.

 Another key aspect of my organizing is post it notes. Each day I create a new post it note with what I need to do for the day. (and sometimes I put things on there that I’ve already done just so I fee better about myself, shhh don’t tell anyone hahaha) but writing what i need to do out in front of me, really helps me to organize what I need to do and prioritize those things. it also allows me to portion my time so that I can get everything done. 

I hope you can use some of these tips in your agendas and that finals will be a little bit less stressful this year!
happy studying!

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