today in my theories of communication class, my professor brought up an excellent point.

people are constantly questioning why others are happy.  

if you’re too bubbly in the morning or have a smile on your face for too long, people will wonder why you’re so happy.

why do we constantly have to validate our happiness?
is it so that others can know how to get that happiness,
or are they trying to bring us down?

I was pondering this statement as I perused over my twitter feed and came across someone that word for word said, 

People that are always happy every single minute of the day freak me out.”

who were they to say that someone ELSE’S happiness is bothering them. in today’s individualistic society, we’re always looking out for number one. so when someone else has something better then us or seems to be living a better life than us, we have the urge to do something about it. 

and in a lot of the cases, we try to bring the other person down instead of improving our own lives.
and that is incredibly saddening.

we are constantly asking “how are you?” to anyone we come into contact with, but how many times do we actually care about the response we receive?

do we listen or just wait for our turn to speak?

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