Guide to: Self-Tanner

I love a good tan. I think everyone does, but getting that sunkissed glow is often hard & dangerous. I know that I don’t put on sunscreen enough and I have spent my fair share of time in tanning beds, but for those days where it’s the dead of winter or you don’t have time to spend your whole day in the sun, I thought I’d share my favorite tanning lotions!
1. sun laboratories  this is my all time favorite tanning lotion. I use it in the shade dark and it gives the perfect summer glow. I wear rubber gloves when applying it so that my hands don’t discolor and I also mix the product with lotion so that the color isn’t so intense. You do need to be careful when you apply it because it will streak if you don’t blend it into your skin. If you do realize the next day that you have a large dark spot that you missed, just put some regular lotion on it and try to blend it into the rest of your skin. I have heard that this sometimes comes out green, don’t worry. the green will disappear and leave you with a bronze glow!
2. fake baked this is also a great tanning spray. this one you spray onto the mitt that comes with it and apply it using that. I feel that this one does not show up as much as I would like and takes longer to apply because the mist gets absorbed in the mitt before you can get it on your skin, but it gives you a great sun kissed glow!

you can’t go wrong with either of them and they’re harmless to your skin! it’s a win-win!

do you have any favorite self-tanners? let me know!

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