Glitter State Art DIY

Good morning lovelies!
I thought today I would share with you a cute little project I did the other day! It’s so simple and turns out so cute! 
You only need a few supplies and you’re ready to go!

Glitter Paper// found at craft stores
Cardstock// whatever color you want to mount the state on to. the background
outline of your state// found on google images
exacto knife//craft store
marker// any pen will do
colored paper// what you want the heart to be out of
glue of any kind (not pictured)

step 1//

print off your state. 
find an outline online and flip it in photoshop and size to desired size. 
(you want to flip it so that when you trace it you don’t have to be careful about the outlines you drew)
step 2// cut out state

step 3// trace state onto the back of the glitter paper (here’s why the image needs to be flipped!)

step 4// cut out state from glitter paper

step 5// cut out heart from colored paper

step 6// glue heart onto hometown and glue state down to cardstock.

and you’re all done! 
you can put the finished product in a frame or just keep it out!

be sure to show me your finished product if you make this!!

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