friday films | february 21

BuzzFeed asked 4 women to participate in a photoshopping experiment. But they didn’t react how you would expect. This is a really interesting take on the usage of photoshopping today.

this is such a heartwarming story. a mentally challenged boy, a manager on the high school basketball team, is put in during the last minutes of a close game and has something happen to him, that no one saw coming. definitely check this out.

there have been so many incredible stories about humans saving animals lately and I love it! except for the fact that it makes me miss my dog even more, regardless, they warm my heart. take a look at this one involving some stranded deer on an iced over lake.

this has been ALL OVER my facebook feed this week, and rightfully so! this little girl has the most indescribable voice I have ever heard. I can’t even begin to explain it. I hope she sticks with it, because she literally could be the next powerhouse in music. and she is so beautiful as well. ugh. I just love her already.

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