friday films • January 17

this is ADORABLE! The residents at this Nursing Home decided to do a music video to Call Me Maybe! It’s precious! And when all the men chase the one lady?! OH! My heart melts. haha

Spoken word poetry seems to be spreading pretty fast these days. And I love them. I think words are powerful, but when spoken in the correct tone with emphasis in the way they were intended, I think they can move mountains. so check out this one about education today.

I have two words for this next video. OH. MY. I couldn’t imagine being able to dance like this in a million years and these two are 11 years old! It just blows my mind how much talent they have. check out this incredible dance.

I’ve been in an incredible “fight the man” mood recently and this next video definitely encompasses that. it’s a commercial fighting to break gender stereotypes and I think it’s really important that both girls and guys are included in this video, because a lot of people only think that girls are discriminated against, when it’s really men as well.

that’s it for this week!

what’s been on your radar?!


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