first world problems.

as Thanksgiving is approaching (I know it still is over a month away) I thought I would get a head start on being thankful.

and as I was thinking about all the great blessings in my life, a video that I saw last year popped into my head.

this video really struck home for me the first time I watched it and every time after that it still strikes a nerve. 

how often do we get so caught up in ourselves and our world that we forget that there are so many others out there who would LOVE to have our problems?

we constantly are complaining about how we can never decide what to eat when others are worried about where their next meal is going to come from.

some food for thought as you go through your day complaining about the slow wifi (GUILTY), cold meat in your sandwich (GUILTY AGAIN), and when you can’t reach your iPhone charger from your bed (GUILTY YET AGAIN).

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