favorite iphone apps.

today I thought I would share some of my favorite iphone apps today!

first I’ll give you a quick tour of my phone!

this is the opening page with all of my most used apps at the front.

this is my camera folder with quite a few different photography apps in it. I try to update it pretty frequently because I always am running out of room on my phone so I like to delete ones I’m not using.

I have even more apps on the next page. I like my photography apps.

This is my second page with my less frequently used apps.

my bloggin folder has vimeo (not really sure why), then my blogging apps like bloglovin, blogger, and a shortcut to my website and then articles that I want to post on or color palettes like adobe kuler. 

and then this is my last page with my least used apps.

here’s my top 10 apps:

1. instagram I literally check this the second I get up. I love it. and seeing other bloggers post just gives me more inspiration to work on my blog. it’s such a positive atmosphere.
2. twitter I’m actually starting to ween off of this a little, but I still am obsessed with it. I love the short and concise nature of it.
3. tumblr  definitely an app that I could spend days on. this is basically like pinterest and instagram morphed together just because there are so many different things constantly popping up.
4. pinterest the pinterest app is sooooo much better than on a computer. it’s like a little game and it pops up with recently pinned boards making it easier to pin faster.
5. afterlight this is my holy grail photo editing app. I absolutely love it. you can edit so many things regarding brightness, exposure, shadows, highlights, really in depth things and then there are filters, on top of frames to fit in instagram. absolutely love it. I do believe I paid for this one, but it is absolutely worth it.
6. picframe another photography app, this one might have cost something as well, but I use it for all my “reflection” pictures on instagram. it makes it easy to reflect pictures in the app instead of using another app to do it and then importing it in.
7. timehop love this so much. this app syncs to your twitter, facebook, and photos and shows you what you did on that day in the past years. it’s so crazy seeing how ignorant I was on social media or some of the profound things I said (; it’s a great trip down memory lane every day. and it really causes me to evaluate what I’m saying now so that I don’t cringe like that in the future.
8. iStudiez Pro I paid for this one as well, and I think it might have been $10 too, but definitely worth it. This helps me keep on track with all of my classes. It reminds me before every class, keeps track of exams, homework assignements, and tests (if I enter them in) and syncs up to my computer.
9. bloglovin this is the easiest way to check all of your blogs you follow. I highly recommend it. and it works great on the iPad because it’s a little bigger than your phone if you’re on the go. 
10. 8tracks I don’t know what I would do without 8tracks. 8tracks is a music streaming site that is user created. meaning that users create different playlist for certain moods and genres from their own music. so that means there are artists on there that haven’t been signed yet, covers of different artists, live versions of songs, remixes, literally so many songs. I find so many incredible songs on here that I would have never known about if it weren’t for this app. AND THERE’S NO ADS. at least for now. but I’ve been using this website and app for quite a few years now and I don’t think that will happen soon. at least I hope. 

well there you have it!
my favorite apps!
which ones are your favorite? I’m always up for new apps!

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  • Couldn’t comment on the giveaway post for some reason, but you are truly Inspiring. Being from little southwest Michigan, and seeing the great things you are doing is amazing. Recently started following after seeing the collegiate day book pop up on my timeline. Being a full time nursing student, a mom to two, and a wife sometimes makes it hard to stay on track and organized. Love all your quick tips and of course the planner!

    • I think I fixed the problem on the other post, but thank you so much for the kind words! We’re all just trying to figure it out one day at a time!