falling into fall

so I am alive. barely. school started and all heck broke lose. classes were overwhelming. sorority activities started up with a vengeance and I got sick. so I tried to recover as soon as possible, which didn’t happen fast, but I finally am back! just in time for me to lose my mind again as recruitment starts, but I’m so excited. 
it got cold yesterday. like just all of a sudden. it was 80 on wednesday and then got down to a bitter 60 yesterday. so, what better way to fully embrace fall then with a fall inspiration board! 
although looking for inspiration makes me really regret not bringing more fall stuff up with me initially, but I’ll be going home in about 3 weeks or so to bring that up. 

so in the meantime, I’ll just have to shop! I mean, find ways to use what I already have…
take a look at some of the looks I’ll be drawing inspiration from these next couple of weeks where it’s the in between weather!

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