dorm room decor

It is that time again ladies and gentlemen, back to school! And although I am totally gung-ho to hit the books running, I am excited to decorate my new apartment in the Phi Mu House (EEEEEE!!!) and get back to a more regular schedule as well as back to school shopping and seeing all my school friends again!

I’ve had a tough time trying to come up with what I want my room to look like, but as I look at my Pinterest (which is on point if I do say so myself) I constantly seem to be pinning the same sorts of looks and I’ve just decided to embrace it fully! 

I feel like lately I’ve been in such a neutral mood. My clothes are all black, grey, white, tan, blush pinks, leopards, and I don’t hate it! They are just classics that I can’t seem to get away from and they ALWAYS look good, so why mess up a good thing?! 

I definitely want my bed to be the most inviting thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on, with tons of pillows and just the right pop of color. and I’m definitely not going to be afraid of mixing metals because I believe that you can! And because I’m loving silver and gold right now and don’t want to have to choose! 

I can’t wait to share with you guys how it turns out and some DIY projects that you can do as well! 

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