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Life has a funny way of showing you what matters most to you. and a lot of the times it’s in the most unconventional way possible. you grow up going through life and taking everything for granted. I think it’s almost impossible not to. I mean, when you’re a child you have to figure out what’s normal and for me my normal was seeing my grandparents every other day for my ENTIRE childhood. 18 years people. I would go over there after school until my mom, who worked part time, was done with work and could take me home. It was my favorite part of my childhood. My Oma (grandma in german) always had cookies, dresses to dress up in, a huge mirror so I could dance in front of it, and the best board games. She also had a huge pool table and ping pong table downstairs. I was like a kid in a toy store over there and many times I never wanted my mom to come and get me and bring me back to reality. I grew up on apple juice and mashed potatoes and meat and as I started to get older, I started to get sick of it and with that and my crazy hormones I would get sick of my Oma and Opa too. And the second that I turned 16, I took my license and rarely went over there anymore after school. I wanted to be independent and feel more grown up and in the midst of me trying to grow up faster, I left them behind in the dust. I knew I shouldn’t have and the times that I would remember that I would go visit them or have lunch with them. But they quickly started going down the priority list and many other pointless things were gaining priority. 

But a few weeks ago I was brought back to the harsh reality that while I was growing older, so were my grandparents. I received a text from my mother in class saying that 

my Oma was in the hospital, nothing too serious, just low sodium, but she would be kept there overnight just to get her levels back to normal. 

Now immediately I freaked out, almost leaving class and making the 1 hour and half drive home right then and there, but after texting my best friend, who is a nurse and ending up taking care of my grandma that night, she said she really was fine. And that I didn’t need to come home right away. 

But what if it had been more serious? 
I had always counted on them being there. 
They were the constant in my life. 
They were my emergency contact on all my school forms. 
They were always there if I needed a car, 
a stick of butter, 
or someone to hang out with. 
Heck, I even invited them to my wedding already when I was 6. 
But what if they weren’t going to be there? 
Because as much as I want to grow up, I want them to grow down. 
There are still so many stories I have yet to hear, so many recipes I have left to learn, and so much time that I want to spend with them. 
So many people always think that your teenage and young adult years are for meeting new friends, networking, and enjoying life on your own, but when I look at it, now is the time you should be spending with your family, and the ones that might not be here much longer.
 it’s so morbid to think about, but I don’t want to look back on my life and wish that I had spent more time with the ones that I loved. 
I don’t want to miss a thing.

photo from Joy in the Jumble

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