DIY Glitter Letter

you can’t get through a pinteresting session without coming across an office or book shelf or desk with a glitter letter on it because it’s the absolute perfect desk accessory! but not with the price tag of up to $50! no way jose!

so I’m here to show you how you can make this simple craft for under $10 or even less!

mod podge
cardboard letter
paint brush
paper plate

step 1// cover the front of the letter in mod podge with the paint brush. (no picture)
step 2// sprinkle glitter on the letter, over the paper plate

step 3// mod podge the side of the letter
step 4// glitter

step 5// repeat mod podging and glittering until all sides have been covered
step 6// cover entire letter with a thin coat of mod podge to seal the glitter to the letter

step 7// you’re finished!


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