this past week was my university’s homecoming week as well as my pledge class’s Phi Retreat!
it was a BLAST!

this year’s homecoming theme was Wizard of Oz and our university does an event called Lipsync halfway through the week, where organizations or housing communities form a group and lip sync and dance to a mashup of songs!

and so our sorority, Phi Mu, teamed up with a fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and tore up that stage!

personally, I thought we were the best, but due to some sound errors uncontrollable to us, we placed 7th. but out of 14 or so groups, so I was still super proud of our group(:
I’ll try and find a video of our performance and post it here!

for our Phi Retreat over the weekend, we went to an apple orchard and cider mill and ate donuts and had cider and some of us went through a corn maze! (the perfect fall date idea, fellas! *hint hint*)

we then just went back to the house and hung out, crafted, watched Hocus Pocus, and ATE LOTS AND LOTS OF CARBS. basically the greatest day ever!

the next day was our football game! but during the tailgate it started to downpour and hail, so I didn’t actually end up going to the game, just went back to the house and watched chick flicks with some Phis, but we won! so it all turned out great!

overall, I had a FABULOUS weekend(:

so I thought I’d share some pictures from the weekend, enjoy!

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