Back to School Organization + A GIVEAWAY!

My oh my, is it that time of the year already? Back to school! Now, things are bit different here in the Berzins household as I’m done with school FOREVER so there’s no back to school for me, but who says I can’t go back to school shopping?! That’s seriously the best time of the year, forget Christmas, give me some new pens!

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And in honor of the new school year about to begin, I thought I would share with you my favorite tips & tricks of the trade when it comes to back to school organization. And you know what else I thought I would do, A GIVEAWAY WITH THE BEST PLANNER OUT THERE! (ok, I’m biased, but seriously, I love this thing). Now, let’s get started.






  1. S’WELL WATER BOTTLE$35 | I’m not sure if it was just my college campus but water bottles are huge. I never go anywhere without one, and it seems like everyone else doesn’t either.
  2. RIFLE PAPER NOTEPAD$8 | First off, I love Rifle Paper Co. Secondly, I love this notepad! Great for to-do lists, grocery lists, or anything you need to write down!
  3. KATE SPADE PAPERCLIPS | $24 | Kate Spade’s paper products & accessories are fantastic. Although a little pricy, keep an eye out at TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Indigo (if you live in Canada) for discounts. And so many places have dupes these days too, you can’t go wrong!
  4. STAEDTLER PENS$1.89 | Love these pens! They are similar to Sharpie Pens, but I find these don’t bleed as much, and have a slightly finer tip.
  5. FIVE STAR NOTEBOOK$6 | Five Star is always a staple for me. And in my later years at school I liked having everything in one place. And as time went on, I didn’t need as much space for notes so it worked out perfectly!
  6. POST IT NOTES$5 | This is a no brainer. I love the bigger ones too! Great for putting to-dos in your planner and being able to move them from day to day!
  7. THE COLLEGIATE DAYBOOK$35 | Speaking of planners, this just so happens to be my favorite one! Ha! In all honesty though, I made this because I needed something that would actually help me, and this seriously does. Hour by hour, day by day, you have a spot to put everything you could ever dream. And there’s a monthly overview as well so if you need the bigger picture, it’s go you covered.
  8. PAPERMATE MECHANICAL PENCILS $8 | The only mechanical pencils I use. They are comfortable, stylish, and last forever. You can get more lead and even more erasers if you need them!
  9. ACRYLIC PENCIL CUP$13 | And you can’t forget about the cute desk accessories! I love the look of the acrylic cup and when you throw on a monogram it looks even better!

And now for the REALLY great part: THE GIVEAWAY!

On September 1st we’re releasing 5 new packages in the shop that will be perfect for birthdays, care packages, or just because gifts that have everything you need! So to kick-off the whole campaign, we’re having a giveaway featuring The Study Collegiate Daybook Package! All you have to do is follow the prompts below and you’ll be entered (possibly even multiple times) to win!

This includes:

1 Collegiate Daybook 

1 Collegiate Daybook Sticky Note Pad

2 Staedtler Pens

Be sure to enter your email here to be signed up to be the first to hear about the new packages!

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Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor!



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