baby it’s cold outside.

hello lovelies! in the midst of Polar Vortex 2.0 and snow day number 3.5 of the semester I thought I’d share with you one of my absolute favorite christmas presents I got this year! I’m talking about this FABULOUS oversized scarf/wrap/poncho/blanket!

it literally is the greatest thing in the entire world. it’s incredibly warm, especially when I wear it as a scarf (which I usually do) because it’s so thick and covers my entire neck. I can even use the excess to cover my face as I’m walking to class in -30 wind chill…. not even exaggerating… 

it adds a great touch to almost any outfit. pairing it with a black blazer and dark wash boyfriend jeans is my favorite way to wear it. you can’t go wrong with neutrals! 

there’s a lake behind me. but there was so much snow blowing you can’t even see it… welcome to michigan everyone.

don’t worry guys. I have it in black and dark gray as well. 

best part about them? the gray one was on clearance for $20 at TJMaxx and the black & gray one was only $17 at Burlington Coat Factory. 

although both of them are 100% acrylic, they are super duper soft. but if you were to splurge and purchase a cashmere scarf, I could only imagine how warm and cozy that would be. you can check out those here  and here.

in the meantime, stay warm & cozy!

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