A Blonde and the Books: Desk Is Best!

Hello Dolls! It’s starting to get closer to that time of year again-


Now, in order to be properly prepared for this joyous occasion, I need to start looking at inspiration for how I want to decorate my dorm room this year! It’s always my favorite part of the year, buying all fresh supplies, starting off with a clean slate, opportunities constantly knocking on your door. It’s great! And that’s why I love this time of year. But the problem with dorms is that you can’t properly make yourself at home! There’s always rules about no holes, no painting, no nails, NO FUN. But I’ve managed to make my room feel homey AND follow all the rules, or at least where to get good paint to patch up the missing drywall(; I’ve been CONSTANTLY on Pinterest lately, scouring every corner of desk/organization/wall décor known to man, in order to make my dorm THE absolute best! And Pinterest worthy(;
So here’s a few of my favorite things I’ve found that I plan on incorporating into my Fall Semester(:

Be sure to follow all my boards on Pinterest! I’m constantly updating it, so it’s always fresh!

These Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers are so cute and handy! There’s no way to store you binders with the fronts showing, so being able to see the name on the side is necessary! And with these cute prints, you’ll want to showcase them on your desk!

But we can’t forget about the front too! And these designs are just too cute to pass up! And Free on Jessica Marie Design?! Count me in!

You know anything with a monogram, I am ALL OVER, so OF COURSE I’m going to be monogramming my door! What kind of girl would I be if I didn’t?!

This desk pad was one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a while! We all hate those light stained desks we’re given with our room that we can’t change or do anything to make look better, but NOW WE CAN! With this AH-MAZING tutorial, it’s so simple to spice up your work space AND be able to change it whenever you want! I couldn’t think of anything better, and you can’t beat that price! 

This office is just a great inspiration to look at! It’s so simplistic, but super organized at the same time! I plan on taking a few ideas from this office space as well!

This cute little desk has got all sorts of things going on! I definitely love the Christmas lights (I have mine up almost all year roundJ) and the monogram on the wall

And this desk (along with the 6 tips for a chic and tidydesk) are great resources! Definitely check this one out!

Well that’s it for now, you know I won’t stop until I graduate, because I’m constantly changing up my room and adding and taking away things to spice up my room. I’ll post pictures once I get everything bought and set up in the Fall, so keep your eyes peeled for those! Until then,

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