5 Ways to Style a Striped Tee

Today I thought I’d share some different ways to style my all time favorite shirt, the striped tee. you can’t go wrong with it. and you can’t have too many striped shirts. I promise. this particular tee is from Old Navy and is on sale for $10 right now! I’m obsessed with it and you probably should be too. 
Let’s get into it!

Pair the top with a structured blazer and a classic pair of ankle slacks, throw on some fun shoes and you are good to go! For an extra pop of color, I reached for my Anne Klein handbag that always adds an extra uumpf to any outfit. 
Since the blazer is on the larger size, it’s important that my pants are fitted so that it doesn’t look like I’m disproportionate, that’s why these J.Crew city pants are always my go-to pants at work! 

I probably wear these Target, J Crew knockoffs, about 3 times a week. at least. Leopard definitely is a neutral, (as said by Jenna Lyons) and I embrace that fully when getting dressed in the morning. And the chunky heel makes these shoes the most comfortable pair I own.


First off, let’s all appreciate this incredible whip of my blazer, haha! (thanks dad for that shot!) Moving right along, this look has been one of my favorites this summer. The ripped cutoffs balance so greatly with this top, because it’s a delicate material and looks soo good. and surprise, surprise, the shorts are from Old Navy as well. they’re been stepping up their game lately too. I love it, but my bank account sometimes thinks otherwise. 
It’s so easy to throw on this outfit when you’re headed to the beach, or just out to run some errands. you look put together, and have an easy, breezy, Just-Came-From-The-Hamptons vibe about you- and who wouldn’t want that?!
once again, my shoes are leopard. it’s not a problem. I promise.
but Target has just been so on point lately with their shoes! I can’t get enough of them! If I’m not wearing my leopard pumps, chances are I’m wearing these. and I don’t regret a single second of it.


 This outfit is just so simple, but so cute! (okay all of them are, but still). Throw on your favorite jeans & a leather jacket, wrap up your hair in a top knot and you are ready to hit the town running my friend! 
I recently purchased this leather jacket from Kohl’s and I’m in LOVE. I’ve been thinking about getting one for centuries it feels like, but I was always questioning if I was a leather jacket type of girl. and then 2 things happened:
 1. I decided that I could be whatever kind of girl I wanted to be, and I didn’t need to be a certain type of girl to pull something off. 
2. the jacket was on sale for $30. 
BUT CLEARLY, everything happens for a reason. 

Simple & straightforward. Striped tee, black pencil skirt, black heels. But you need to add a pop of color somewhere. Whether it be in a necklace, earring, lipstick, other accessories, give your outfit a little something extra. I chose a statement necklace (knockoff J Crew) as well as a powerful lip. 

I love this look. It’s the perfect blend of feminine & edgy and it would be the perfect outfit for so many occasions! These scalloped shorts I picked up at TJMaxx a few weeks ago are one of my most prized possessions right now and I think they look so great paired with the denim jacket. 

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