4th of July!

Hello Lovelies!

It feels like it’s been centuries since I’ve last blogged and I apologize for that! I just wanted to enjoy my little 4th of July vacation to the fullest potential! I feel like it went by so fast that I barely got to enjoy it! I was still run, run, run the whole weekend, going to parties, the beach, appointments, dinners. It was crazy. But I suppose it’s just preparing me for what’s to come this week. I work every day until Wednesday at my normal job and then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I work at the golf club for our annual Invitational. And those hours are going to be brutal. I start at 12:30 on Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday, I go 8am to 9pm. I’m hoping I get a break somewhere in there! But then, on Sunday, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! WOO WOOO! But I have church, a baby shower, and a church campmeeting that day, so I’m quite sure when I’m going to celebrate it that day. But my actual party is going to be the following Tuesday with all my family. So I’m looking forward to that.
Anywho, let’s get back to the 4th of July!

I had a fabulous two day celebration with firework filled evenings both of the nights! The first night in a neighboring town that is basically all farmers, so we went a little hillbilly that evening, aka I put on everything America themed I owned. Check it out!

On the actual 4th of July, I spent the day at a friend’s pool and out on the boat tubing! It was FREEZING cold out on the lake, but it was the first time we had gone out so I needed to go out. haha It was still a great time, and once you were out on the tube, you weren’t thinking about how cold it was anyways. (; We ended the night watching the fireworks over the lake. All in all, it was a great weekend!

hope you all had a great 4th!

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